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You can manage your life with grace and style, regardless the difficulties you can have now! You can learn from confrontations and turn them into cooperation!

Is Conflict Coaching the Solution to Your Challenges Now?

You can manage your life with grace and style, regardless the difficulties you can have now!
You can learn from confrontations and turn them into cooperation!

Please, Ask Yourself:
  • Do you feel the stress of too many simultaneous demands from people around you?
  • Are you feeling harassed because there is too much conflict in your family or workplace?
  • Do you feel isolated from your loved ones, and need more support?
  • In general, do you feel that you can trust only very few of the people connected with you?
  • Have you lost your motivation to nurture and restore your relationships?
  • Have you resigned yourself to being isolated from others in order to protect yourself from people’s attacks?

At last, NOW, when you invest the time and the effort into strengthening your conflict skills, you will be able to manage your relationships knowing what to do, what to say, and how to motivate people to support and value you.

Having a good conflict coach, you will be able to create the right environment around you, with all the deep love and connection you expect.

No more anxiety or insecurity; you will know what to do, and why, and when to say and do what.

What are the Four Key Conditions to get the most rewards from COACHING?

  1. You have at least one goal that is best achieved through personal coaching;
  2. You are ready to get the most from coaching that teaches you how to pursue your goals and get your needs solved;
  3. Your Personal Coach has considerable experience and a strong desire to coach YOU to your best, and you have a strong desire to do whatever it takes to challenge yourself learning the skills necessary to have more happiness and joy in your life.


  1. Read the coaching page to understand how coaching works;
  2. Schedule your initial phone interview and design a coaching plan
  3. Register for your selected plan using the application forms;
  4. Have your initial session with Coach Nora;
  5. Turn your life around with a new mindset, and new attitudes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Probably you are already knowledgeable about what coaches do? They can provide direct and usable suggestions on planning your life or work situation.  But what happens if now you are stuck in a personal conflict that prevents you from managing your choices and planning your life?  That is exactly the moment you need a conflict coach!

I focus on coaching people going through difficult, even painful experiences of interpersonal conflict, stuck in a repetitive confrontation pattern that blocks their own personal development.

My clients are adult women at the peak of their professional lives, who can understand the basic dynamics of their difficult interactions at home or work, and wish to learn strategies to solve their conflicts with inner strength.

As a conflict coach I am prepared to help you navigate the most frustrating situations in your life with grace and clarity, never forgetting your personal needs.

The moment you need a life coach is when you are dealing with a challenging conflictive situation, either at home or at work;

When you know there is a great, creative solution for the conflict, but you can't find it;

If you feel motivated to jump to a new level of growth, and some past attachment have you stuck;

If your usual style of conflict management is either denial or avoidance, it’s time to learn how to approach differences with skills and learn how to process the inevitable confrontations between people who work and live together.

Psychotherapists Treat Mental Illness While Coaches Do Not

One of the most important distinguishing factors between psychotherapists and coaches is that psychotherapists are trained to help people who are facing mental illnesses, and coaches are not.

Mental health problems are more common than ever, impacting about one in four Americans at some point in their lifetimes.

If you are seeking help for a common mental health problem such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), psychotherapy is the right choice.

Past vs. Future Orientation

Coaching is more focused on helping you achieve your future goals, while psychotherapy resolves past and present issues. A good coach understands how the past shapes your present. Psychotherapy focus is on healing the past, coaching is dedicated to help you create new plans for your future.

Differences in Payment

Psychotherapy may be covered by your insurance company if your diagnostic is accepted by the medical insurance as the right treatment.

 Given that the focus of coaching is not on treating an illness, it is not usually covered by health insurance.


In order to legally provide psychotherapy, it is required an advanced degree and a license. This implies a long training, exams and supervised practice.

There are no governing boards for coaches. Despite this fact,  many coaches provide excellent services.  Coach Nora has practiced as a family therapist for twenty years in her native country, Argentina, before getting her doctorate in conflict resolution.

Yes, in a very special relationship conflict. Men will recognize this dynamics that develops in most couples: 

“The communication in your marriage has become strained. You’ve begun to clam up; then your wife continues to call you a passive aggressive husband. You are hoping that your approach will send her the message that you need peace and quiet, but it is not working because discussions are escalating into fights. In short: 

You love your wife, but secretly you feel hopeless because she’s threatening to leave you. It’s a vicious cycle perpetuated by her feeling isolated and protesting loudly, hurt by your silence, which prompts you naturally to take refuge in more silence. Meanwhile, your relationship continues in a downward spiral.”

 MY HEALTHIER MARRIAGE COACHING PROGRAM is a revolutionary system that will change your marital relationship forever. In it, we teach you how to identify and change behaviors produced by an old childhood attachment that simply isn’t working. After applying this program you will know how to best approach your wife, how to solve differences between you, and how to express your needs so they are heard and acted on as part of the marriage deal. Our program was developed by a team of relationship experts and has been perfected over the course of 6 years. It has changed the lives of hundreds of people and played a part in healing countless relationships, providing them with the right approach and the right tools to produce a deeper, loving relationship.

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