Nora Femenia, Ph.D.


Life Coaching Services

You can have 45 minutes of phone coaching with Coach Nora any time you are ready.

My mission in life is fighting emotional abuse and control issues in couples. Why this issue?

I have the same sad experience in my life story: to be married to an abusive person who “had fun” crushing my self-image as wife and mother…devastating my already poor self-esteem with insidious comments that destroyed my soul. My path from hurt to recover myself was long and arduous but finally, I could transform myself into a happy person.

I now work to rescue women like us from abusive situations, empowering them to get their lives back and showing them how to be happy. In 2021, we don’t have to accept male control over us, because it destroys our creativity, identity, and self-esteem.

If you have a story of abusive control from your partner, I can help you be free! How do I do this?

Get immediate relief from the pain and suffering caused by abuse!

I offer you a private 45’ conversation to hear about your present needs, answer your questions about your home challenges, help you think about what your best decisions are to be made now, and explain how working together we can recover your soul and reach your life goals.

This phone talk will give you immediate relief from the pain and suffering caused by:

High Levels of Inter-Personal Conflict and Grief: Dealing with a “Very Difficult Person” or Abusive Person in your life,

How to deal with people who attack you: (ex-spouses; “enemies”; hostile in-laws and relatives; passive aggressive spouse),

Overcome emotional crisis in your personal and/or professional life,

Transitions and difficult challenges as separation or divorce,

Surviving a hostile workplace culture (manage office politics, discrimination, mobbing) while pursuing your personal goals.

If you have a story of abusive control from anyone in your life, I can help you be free!

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We invite you to register and use this program for personal transformation. We guarantee you a personal change process! You are not alone in this quest for a better and happier life!