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Coaching Sessions for You

Coach Nora

Dear friend,

You’ve fought already a very lonely battle… And you know what you need now — a trusted mentor with the deep experience and conflict expertise to guide you along the path you need now to go through.

Your support and understanding are here, ready for you.  After so much reading and thinking about emotional obstacles to enjoy fully your present time in life, you would like to have know how and support, to grow beyond the present moment into your personal happiness.

I’m here to help you find your own way and move through the challenges that are holding you back. My coaching is available across a wide range of issues: relationships, emotional health, marriage challenges, personal growth, and happiness.

I can help you:

Heal yourself by:

  • Uncover the beliefs and practices that don’t serve you any more;
  • Recognize your life patterns, why they keep happening to you again and again, and what you can do to stop/change them;
  • Process negative emotions that keep you anchored in the frustrations of the past;
  • Identify and overcome family conditions that keep you making the same old choices and acting in the same old ways;
  • Learn new ways of reacting to others, with purpose and respect for your life mission.

Coach Nora’s Personal Message to you!

What can I do for you? I can’t promise you’ll have instant peace, or an ironclad solution to whatever troubles you. But I do promise to care, to listen, and give you counsel to see things in another way and move through your difficulties with more ease and effectiveness.

My approach is to help you see what’s going on clearly and without judgment so you can be empowered to step forward more boldly into your future. We will track a map of your situation, see the past and present infunces and identify your life mission and clear a path to live it.

Depending on your situation, I may offer acknowledgement and validation one day, and challenge the beliefs and practices that helped create your problem on another. And I will do my best to help you shift into new perspectives you may not have considered to have more choice over how you can move forward.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll get the benefit not only of my professional skills and know-how, but also my experience gathered both in my own life and through service of others over these last 30+ years.

You don’t have to struggle alone. I’m here to help.


Scheduling and Payment

  • You may use either the button below to pay for your session. Please include in the comments with your payment an indication of the best days/times for your availability over the next week or two.  Once we receive notice of your payment, we will send you an email with the confirmation of date and time for your appointment and instructions for rescheduling if that date or time doesn’t work for you. Most appointments are held within 2-5 days, though in some rare cases (travel, illness, etc.) longer.


  • Please read your scheduling email carefully, for it will advise whether we will be calling you, or have you call us, at the appointed hour. So make sure we have a good contact number(s) for you just in case we’re placing the call. All consultations are by telephone unless otherwise indicated. Calls are NOT recorded, though you are free to do so if you agree to provide us with a copy. Face-to-face video calls via Skype are available on request for no extra charge. Send us an email after making your reservation/payment with your request. Be sure to include your Skype username. Thanks!
  • Here you have several options, be sure to choose the best for you. If you want to discuss other payments options, just send me a message!


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