The Tao of Anger

The Tao of Anger: Controlling Your Anger Explosions

Are you, like many angry men, losing the trust and love of your family fast? When something happens in your life that you don’t like, the shouting starts, doors get slammed, and either something gets broken or someone gets hurt.

In what other ways can you be a good leader of your family? This ebook will help you transform your anger reactions and build a more positive, supportive attitude; you’ll get techniques for how to keep yourself calm and communicate your frustrations in a healthy way. You can even learn how to eliminate anger explosions, not just control them!


“Your ebook was an eye-opener. I enjoyed how the issue was presented, clearly and in a very organized way. It gave me insights on where to begin and continue. It also was easy for me to see the steps which will not be easy to do, especially when you have to look at yourself. But the rewards are worth it! Thank you for listening to me in my coaching session and giving me very good personal advice.” — Henry C. (Canada)

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