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The Silent Marriage: How Passive Aggression Steals Your Happiness

The Silent Marriage:
How Passive Aggression Steals Your Happiness

Few people know the true impact of passive aggression in a marriage, because it has only recently been acknowledged as a real behavior style. Now, we understand that passive aggression is more than “being difficult.” In this book, we explore the price you will pay for passive aggression if it continues to go unchallenged in your home. This book is suitable for wives who are new to the topic of passive aggression, who aren’t sure whether it’s worth it to fight back, or who don’t know why their current defense strategies aren’t working. 

In this book, we go beyond description of passive aggressive behaviors and examine the toxic impact of passive aggression on your body, mind and heart. What are the short and long term consequences? Who are you going to be after some time, let’s say 20 years of this life? What happens if you don’t say no to passive aggression?

The saddest part of this story is when women write after spending more than 20 years spent waiting for a spontaneous change that never materialized, and realize that this emptiness is permanent; that opportunities are lost and the future looks bleak. In this book, we help you take stock of the situation as it is, now, so you can determine the real impact of a passive aggressive marriage on your life goals.


“There are many reasons to be unhappy in a marriage, but having to suffer unexplainable bouts of passive aggression from your spouse takes the prize. You can never know how to make this person happy…is like hitting in the dark, never knowing what works. And the loneliness that the lack of connection causes can have a permanent impact on your health. Of course, not everybody links a constant degree of unhappiness with bad health, but they have a link. It is best to know how to identify the behaviors, and heal the impact of them. This book is a great help to get appraised of the long term health consequences of an unhappy marriage, and support to learn ways of healing.”

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