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The 4 Steps Relief Plan for Passive Aggression


The 4 Steps Relief Plan for Passive Aggression

While most books and programs out there focus on passive aggression from the partner’s perspective, this package is designed to give You the insights to understand why you yourself have resorted to passive aggression. You’ll also learn what are the mental paths that have created the conditions where this behavior is the only course of action for you, even if you know that the long term price for using such tactic far exceeds the short term benefits.

The 4 Steps Relief Plan for Passive Aggression includes:


The Passive Aggressive Self-Evaluation
The Book: ““Eliminating Passive Aggression: How to stop your wife’s complains and get your relationship working again, in 4 easy steps”
The Workbook: “The Essential Workbook to Eliminate Passive Aggression”
Coaching Session One
Coaching Session Two (optional)


“Dr. Nora,

I can’t thank you enough for your straightforward and caring answers. You’ve been there with me through thick and thin, even in those moments when I faced deciding between what I want to do (my usual PA behavior) and what I need to do for changing the marriage.

NOW, when I know what needs to be done and still wish to retreat and be alone, your words remind me that this option is no longer a choice for me. And it makes such a difference! Nina and I already feel better together, but I know we will continue to reap the benefits of your help for years to come.’’ — Amir Gonzalez

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