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The Silent Marriage

How Passive Aggression Steals Your Happiness, 2nd Edition (The Complete Guide to Passive Aggression Book 5)

It’s only recently that the real impact of passive aggressive behavior on a relationship has been identified in all of its destructive impact. This behavior is particularly hard on women subject to the silent treatment, cold shoulder, or other ways of emotional withholding from their partner. It causes women to develop a progressive feeling of isolation, of being left emotionally dry and bereft precisely in the most intimate of relationship.

Whatever the degree of emotional detachment they experience, the impact in their self-esteem is very profound and long lasting.In this new, revised edition this book actually describes the frustration of your emotional needs caused by the silent marriage, followed by mental confusion, imprecise guilt feelings, the impression of walking on eggshells to avoid being rejected, together with extreme loneliness and constant sadness to no end.

This is an important book because builds on cold shoulder as the main toxic behavior, going to describe the whole passive aggressive marriage and its impact on your self-esteem and well being. Even when you don’t consider his withholding of connection a kind of abuse in marriage, the fact that spouses are emotionally dependent on each other for love and support makes you chronically starved for his loveand attention. You can even wonder if this is his way to control your happiness in life? In this case, resentment creeps in and destroys any remaining trust.

Once you can identify these emotional states, you can go on learning strategies and alternatives to counter his passive aggression communication style, without resorting to violence, begging or other tricks. It will also gives you a map that could actually help your partner to see through his behavior and understand what is he doing to sabotage the marriage.

Overall this expanded and revised 2015 edition is full of practical tips and strategies to protect yourself and motivate you to be happier with or without him. It will help you to move your relationship from the current stand still to a place where you can enjoy a better experience with more love and respect.

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