Escaping The Sexless Marriage: A Practical Manual to Bring Back Intimacy and Trust into a Passive Aggressive Marriage (The Complete Guide to Passive Aggression Book 3)

We live in difficult and stressful times where sometimes marriage is not the refuge you want it to be. Faced with a lack of intimacy almost since the beginning of your relationship, and having worked hard to hide your feelings, you still find yourself longing for more. You have read books and done workshops, but you still face so much frustration…

Do you find yourself feeling rejected or neglected physically by your partner and wondering what could be going wrong?
Is the bedroom just one more place where you feel more alone and ignored?

Are You Struggling In a Sexless Marriage?

If so, it is time to honor the connection between physical and emotional needs and how necessary it is for both to be satisfied in a relationship. It is time to learn about how Passive Aggressive Behavior and its cause are tearing down the intimacy and trust in your marriage. It is time to make changes and get your own needs met. This book explores the connections between your emotional needs, attachment styles, and passive aggressive behavior, explaining how all those aspects play a role in your sex life, without you knowing!

This practical guide that will help you improve every moment of your life and create changes that last, and show you how to build: