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Living With a Passive Aggressive Husband

The Art of Living with a Passive Aggressive Husband

How many times have your friends said, “Just leave the guy?” This looks like an easy solution, right? Well, not if you still are in love with him. While your friends might have your best interest in mind when they offer advice, they aren’t in your position, and they can’t provide guidance objectively. You recognize and respect your true feelings for this person. You know you have seen him at his best, and you know he can be that person again.

Making a break from a passive aggressive person is one solution. But, if you are committed to your relationship, you need to have other options! You must take control of your relationship today. You must learn how to deal with passive aggressive people so they can’t torment you anymore. You don’t have to be a victim of your love life one more day!

By mastering these skills you will receive from this book, you will never again be a victim to passive aggressive behavior. You can finally free yourself of the emotional roller-coaster ride you’ve been on; you can learn to trust yourself again as a person with emotional strength, and you can feel, once and for all, truly happy with the person you are.

But, only read this e-book if you are ready for a change. Are you prepared to release your own pent-up feelings of helplessness against life and marriage? Are you ready to stop waiting for him to change; and to take control of your relationship and move it into a whole new direction? If so, this e-book is for you, because there WILL BE change. Your relationship will be different. You will feel secure in your reactions towards him.


“‘The Art of Living with a Passive Aggressive Husband’ is awesome! I learned some really cool things about human nature and interpersonal relationships. I was able to see myself in some of the examples, and learn what I was doing to invite his control over me. This e-book discusses hidden insecurities we all have and taught me ways to deal with my own issues, and how to interact with my husband in conflict situations!” — Karen Amos

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