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How to Spot a Passive Aggressive Partner

How to Spot a Passive Aggressive Partner

This book aims to helping you manage the confusion induced by a passive aggressive marriage and find your way around it.

In this book, we look at your marriage from your view. You’re trying to make sense of one of the most contradictory situations you can find: at the same time your husband says that he is in love, he is actively discouraging you, his so-called “loved object,” from getting too near.

Understanding and detecting this ambivalent behavior is quite an art. It can drive someone who has no idea and expects a straightforward behavior crazy. It takes several years to get to know the sneaky ways in which this behavior manipulates a spouse into believing that if only she puts more attention, more love or more patience, things will change.

It is useful, then, to get to know the main aspects of this behavior, and when recognizing them, apply a strategy that can protect the spouse (and save the marriage).


“What is so inspirational about this book by Neil Warner is that rather than putting the blame firmly on the passive aggressive partners shoulders he looks at the passive aggressive traits as almost a separate entity to the person themselves. From an outsiders point of view it would seem hard, if not impossible, to have a loving and solid relationship with someone who is constantly demeaning you and not able to show their innermost emotions but leaned traits such as this aren’t necessarily anyone’s fault. Learning to live with this behavior is a key feature to having a solid marriage and this book gives great advice on how your relationship can be altered slightly to take into consideration both partner’s feelings. Forcing a passive aggressive person into a corner by forcing them to confront their emotions will eventually drive a wedge between you and the inappropriate behavior will just get worse. I think it’s fantastic that this book has been written with such a forthright open approach and “Self defense tips” to show ways to make life bearable.” — Louise

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