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Healing From Emotional Abuse

Healing from Emotional Abuse

Today, after reading this book, you won’t just have the power to escape abuse – you will learn to defend yourself against it, becoming a self-loving, centered and happy woman and human being. Leaving abuse behind, and living an amazing life despite it, is not easy. But lots of women have found the courage to do exactly that, by discovering their own power to stand up to humiliating and denigrating words, by remembering how valuable they are, and by defining their own lives and projects by themselves.

This book will change your life, giving you the strength you need to empower yourself, repair your self-esteem and help you have the happier life you dream about.

Through this book, you will:

  • Discover how and why your partner’s abuse destroys your self-esteem;
  • Decide if you’ll stop his abuse by staying, or leaving him;
  • Plan how to create a fulfilling life, and remember your life purpose.


“Dear Nora,

I would have never even thought that my husband abused me out of fear. The first time I read that in your book, I thought, don’t kid with me. But I began looking into his past and talking to his family members, and discovered some wounds he had never told me about.
Once I realized this abuse was about redirecting his fear into me, a “willing” vessel, I was furious! That part was hard, because as a kid in my family no one ever raised their voice or made conflict. I had to rehearse a confrontation by myself in the car, so that I could say, “You’re hurting me!” without my voice breaking. I think I healed myself more in those moments, repeating it and letting it be true, than when I actually said it to his face.”

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