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Escaping The Sexless Marriage

A Practical Manual to Bring Back Intimacy and Trust into a Passive Aggressive Marriage

Escaping The Sexless Marriage:
Escaping The Sexless Marriage



Do you find yourself feeling rejected or neglected physically by your partner and wondering what could be going wrong?

Is the bedroom just one of the places in your marriage that confirms your experience of you feeling alone or confused?

If so it’s time to recognize the connection between physical and emotional needs and how important it is for both to be met in a relationship. It’s time to learn about how Passive Aggressive Behavior and its root cause are are tearing down the intimacy and trust in your marriage. Its time to make changes and get your needs met.This book helps you explore the connections between emotional needs, attachment styles, and passive aggressive behavior and how all those play a role in your sex life and vice versa!
After years of study, providing successful relationship counseling, and life coaching, author Dr Nora Femenia, Ph.D. offers in depth insight into relationships strained by passive aggressive behavior and ways to cope and heal your sexual relationship with your partner.- Learn about emotional needs, the three different attachments styles and how passive aggressive partners use sex as a tool for punishment and control.
– Discover your partner’s and yours specific attachment style.
– Know just where you stand in your relationship in terms of how well your needs are being met.
– See how to use this knowledge to reconnect with your partner and get your emotional and intimacy needs fulfilled.Get the sex back in your sexless marriage and the love back in your life!


Here is a comment by a reader of the book:

“It is not an easy subject to discuss. I thought I was in a sexless marriage because of me… the way I looked etc. Now I see it is another tool that is used by my PA husband. The solution though remains with my husband. Without therapy, I am finding I can not make enough adjustments to compensate. This book is very good and helped me understand that the lack of intimacy in our relationship is not because of me, it is because of him. It helps to restore self-esteem and removes some of the guilt.”

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A Practical Manual to Bring Back Intimacy and Trust into a Passive Aggressive Marriage

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