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Emotionally Abusive Relationships: Your Guide to Healing from Emotional Abuse in Marriage and Divorce

Emotionally Abusive Relationships


Women usually think that leaving behind an abusive relationship solves everything, and emotional abuse recovery will automatically follow… And if this is your current situation, your first worry is to get to a safe place, with no more emotionally abusive attacks on you.

But a little bit down the road, the long term effects of an emotional abuse relationship can hit you, challenging you with  deeper questions:

  • Why all this abuse did happen to me?
  • What is the meaning in my life of having an abusive relationship?
  • How is it affecting my self-esteem?
  • How do I grow from being abused  into a woman resilient to emotional attacks in the future?

Emotional abuse healing begins with your skill to see your own emotional abuse relationship inside the project of building the necessary skills of resiliency to fulfill your purpose in life.
Abuse is a stepping stone to build the virtues of resilience you need now to take control of your own life!

This book gives you a very different perspective: to see an emotional abuse marriage as a sacred contract entered into in order for you to develop extraordinary resilience skills.

“Emotionally Abusive Relationships: A Guide to Healing from Emotional Abuse in Marriage and Divorce,”  is not only a working manual for survivors who are freeing their lives from the weight of abusive relationships. It is a complete map for your new life, charting the different milestones that signal your transformation from former victim to a more powerful, resilient and resourceful identity.

The book offers you a deep look at:

  • The motivations behind all abusive behavior, as control;
  • Why you need to remember your own life purpose;
  • Learn what is the meaning of the abuse episode in your life;
  • Identify the moment when you have learned the lesson and are ready to leave, or ready to change the relationship;
  • Practical tips to heal yourself from the abuse and stress impact;
  • How to repair your self-esteem and recover your life project!


” This book takes the classic view of abusive relationships as there being an abuser and a victim and reformulates this idea. The word victim indicates many things such as you are weak, less capable, or helpless. This does not have to be the mindset of one who has suffered emotional abuse. Instead, you can use the terrible life experience as a learning tool for you or others. The book tells you that you did not have to suffer in vain. The book also shows solutions for relationships where leaving is not an option. An emotionally abusive relationship is not limited to lovers,but can be relatives or even friends. Especially in the case of family it can be extremely difficult to take yourself out of that situation because you love that relative and you do not necessarily have to live with them for the emotional abuse to continue. This book provides options for people who do not want to cut the one who abuses them out of their life. It also allows for more empowerment for the one who has suffered abuse since they are able to truly overcome the issue instead of fleeing away from it.

This book is full of helpful tips for healing that you can’t really find anywhere else. Written by someone who understands what emotional abuse is like, this book is a boon to anyone who is or has suffered from emotional abuse. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with the pain from the past or present. You can get through this trial and this book is a great tool to start with.”


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