Emotional Abuse Series

Emotional Abuse: The Hidden War for Power and Control in Your Relationship (Healing Emotional Abuse Book 1)

Here you’ll find the hard facts about emotional abuse explained – and you’ll learn to frame this negative interaction in a new way.

You can finally understand the basics of emotional abuse and emotionally abusive relationships. You’ll learn definitions and explanations of why emotional abuse is used, then analyze your own personal situation for signs of abuse. The book contains multiple small surveys and checklists to help you guide your own thoughts about your personal situation………..Read More

Breaking Free from Emotional Abuse: How to Restore Your Joy by Healing Your Life (Healing Emotional Abuse Book 2)

You’ve probably seen a lot of books that address leaving an emotionally abusive relationship. However, the pros (and cons, if any are discussed) of leaving an abusive partner are usually described in a stiff, clinical point of view. This book aims to be one of the few that actually take into account the deep confusion victims feel about their abusers. ……..Read More

Emotionally Abusive Relationships: A Guide to Healing from Emotional Abuse in Marriage(Healing Emotional Abuse Book 3)

Women usually think that leaving behind an abusive relationship solves everything, and emotional abuse recovery will automatically follow…
If you are here, your first worry is to get to a safe place, with no more emotionally abusive attacks on you.
A little bit down the road, the long term effects of an emotional abuse relationship can hit you, challenging you with deeper questions:……. Read More

Boosting Your Self Esteem: Be Your Own Heroine! (Healing Emotional Abuse Book 4)

Boosting Your Self-Esteem: Be Your Own Heroine! is a new book from the relationship experts at Creative Conflict Resolutions. Created for women dealing with low self-esteem on a daily basis, the authors tackle the tough questions of body image, doubt, and fear, as well as the mental power of each woman to achieve the life that she truly wants……..Read More

When Love Hurts: Repairing The Pain of Loving an Emotionally Abusive Person(Healing Emotional Abuse Book 5)

This book offers you a new view of any abusive relationship as a contract for learning through pain. In this way, we build on these facts:
-we are born in this life with a purpose to accomplish
-we are supposed to discover which purpose each one of us has
-we have to apply all our energies and skills to accomplish this purpose    ……Read More..