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Emotional Abuse

 Emotional Abuse: Know about the War for Power and Control in Relationships

Here you’ll find the hard facts about emotional abuse explained – and you’ll learn to frame this negative interaction in a new way.

You can finally understand the basics of emotional abuse and emotionally abusive relationships. You’ll learn definitions and explanations of why emotional abuse is used, then analyze your own personal situation for signs of abuse. The book contains multiple small surveys and checklists to help you guide your own thoughts about your personal situation.


You might think that emotional abuse is easy to spot or define. But the reason so many people suffer from an emotionally abusive marriage is that it is hard to tell what is abusive and what is not. You have to ask yourself whether or not the person you love is hurting you.

This book is part of a new two-part series for how to stop emotional abuse.


This book covers the whole spectrum of abusive relationships. It includes how to recognize abuse in it’s early stages, how it ties in with low self esteem on the part of the abused and abuser, and how to take steps to leave the relationship if you choose. Coping skills include both internal and external ways to cope. You can build your self esteem by questioning the abusive comments, telling yourself you do not deserve abuse, and acknowledging your good qualities. External coping includes pampering yourself and developing a support system. Nora does more than just list the skills you need. She tells you how to work around the barriers that your abuser and low self esteem can create to make it hard. There have been many self help books written on abusive relationships. However, this one gives the victims everything they need to understand their situation, understand themselves, and take healthy actions.

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