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Boosting Your Self-Esteem: Be Your Own Heroine!



Is low self-esteem, and the fears and doubts that come with it, keeping you from achieving what you really want in life? Are you tired of waiting for someone to come along and rescue you from your pain? Today, you can learn how to rescue yourself, by being the heroine of your own amazing life story!

Here, you’ll learn where self-esteem comes from, how it feeds off negativity in your life, and how you can fight off the “enemies” (fear, doubt, negativity) while “powering up” on the positive things in life. 




This review is from: Boosting Your Self Esteem: Be Your Own Heroine! (Healing Emotional Abuse) (Kindle Edition)

“I was so excited about finding this book and it truly lived up to my hopes. I have always loved the idea of heroes and heroines in our real lives, so being my own was a great thought. Be Your Own Heroine keeps that theme and gives awesome, helpful advice on making changes in your life, without ever feeling cheesy or too “self-helpy.” I read through it fairly quickly, it is an easy read and gets right to the point, but it is certainly a book I will keep and read over and over. This book is great for Anyone wanting to improve her life, not just for those in serious crisis. The explanations and advice are easy to follow, but not just plain common sense, and I will be using it as reference and encouragement on my journey to having a more fantastic life.”


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