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Nora Femenia

Dr. Nora’s Story:

My path began in a very difficult childhood, where the fact that I was a gifted child presented a challenge to a family that put all their efforts in educating a male child, but saw investing in a girl’s education a waste of resources.

That is where my quest to understand began. I wanted to know:

  • Why do people do what they do?
  • What are the reasons for aggressive behavior?
  • Where does hate come from?
  • Why do people reject each other?
  • Why do we attack each other when really we’re looking for love?

I had my family to teach me how to survive under conditions of non-recognition and scarcity, which served me well when I needed to endure a traditional marriage where the wife was not supposed to think or push forward creative ideas or social critique, and managed to get a college education on clinical psychology while having five children.

My path took me into the two institutions that really allow you to know a society in a deep level:

mental health care ward, where I invested 11 years watching inmates and doctors at the same time, and still asking my questions. Thenavy in a Latin American society, where I learned how power and resources are managed for the good of whoever grabs them.

This was my life induction into the world of conflict. Confrontation is always a mystery for all of us because it forces people to challenge the same people they love most. There is always the chance of hurting others or being hurt ourselves, but nevertheless, we need to confront, so we know who we are, what do we want and how to go get it.

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