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About Creative Conflict Resolutions

Creative Conflict Resolutions’ Story

Creative Conflict Resolutions is a cross-cultural company focused on preventing, stopping and healing emotional abuse, wherever it can be present.

We develop and offer a series of online informational products to promote healthy interpersonal relationships.

We apply a unique mix of:

  • Clinical psychology;

  • Conflict resolution;

  • Emotional processing work;

  • Diverse life experiences as therapists, conflict solvers, trainers and conflict coaches.

The project of Creative Conflict Resolutions now is to find and offer you the tools which would transform any relationship from a damaged, unhappy state, into one of reciprocal cooperation. We provide technology, ideas and support for those individuals and groups who are willing to transcend their pain and humiliation by doing creative conflict transformation rather than destructive responses.

The main interest moving Creative Conflict Resolutions ahead, today is more and more focused into transforming gender power imbalances in marriage, emotional abuse, passive aggression, violence and control, and how to restore relationships to a respectful, satisfactory place.

There is only room for mutual help, understanding, and respect. You can learn to transform any relationship into acceptance, recognition and love, with the right tools.

By learning more about conflict, like I did, and using the strategies I’ve created, it is my hope that my clients will stop making enemies unnecessarily from their loved ones, learn how to ask for their needs’ satisfaction and instead starting using their energy for building a better world for themselves and those around them.


-Any relationship is a contract. Two individuals promise to help each other satisfy their needs.

Thus, to support healthier relationships,  we need to help people find new ways to meet their personal needs in ways that will serve them and others in the long term.

-Human beings need interpersonal interaction and conflict in order to grow.

Not everyone will tell you this. We fight in order to individualize and keep learning other lessons, but also to get the other person’s attention. It is through relationships that people either rise to the most creative possibilities, or fall into the immobilizing trap of fear and stop growing. Thus, our task at Creative Conflicts is to teach you to develop nurturing, learning experiences through which you can grow.

-We need to learn how to love. Hate and anger poison your life, even if the person you hate “deserves it.”

You can even physically harm yourself by harboring that negativity. So, learning to deal with conflict can literally save your life. We aim to help people manage their negative emotions about themselves and others and teach them how to handle the world in a confident, independent and calm way.

How can we learn from each other?

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