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Coach Nora

My life mission is fighting emotional abuse and control in couples.

I work to rescue women from abusive situations, empowering them to get their lives back and then flourish.In the present Century, we don’t have to accept any more the traditional female submission to their partners’ control, that destroys their creativity, identity, and self-esteem.

If you have a story of abusive control from your partner, I can help you.

How May I Help You?

My mission in this world is to help and support you in your transit from abused person to the radiant, creative and happy person you can be. There is no way to be free from abuse without you growing and developing a strong self. If being abused is an ordeal women must overcome, consider it as the training ground where your new skills will transform you into the radiant and strong human being you need to be.

Get Started

Let’s map together the painful situation you are now in. With my support, the abuse will not overwhelm you any more, and you can begin to plan a new life. Start by asking your session now!


Now you have a map of your abuse prison. Together we will design the path to your freedom. You can begin your coaching sessions, learn new responses and start doing the changes that will stop abuse.


Together with your coaching, you will have readings, journal writing, extra or urgent phone calls, and group work. Everything you need to enrich your life and reinforce your personal development.

Work With Me

If you have waited long times for respect and appreciation, and they never appeared in your relationship,  it is time to do the best decision of your life. You need to have a hard look and realize that you will not get the love and respect you need from him. Call me and get your life map now! I have lived in abuse and know as true that it does not get any better: it tends to develop into more control and abuse! Take your peace of mind and happiness in your hands, and call me!

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